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1. INTRODUCTION This is the Health & Safety Policy drawn up by the Board of Management of chennai Power and desalination Training Institute. This document has been prepared in compliance with the Safety Health & Welfare Law of India.

2. BOARD OF MANAGEMENT POLICY The Board of Management recognizes and accepts not only its statutory responsibilities but also its obligations as an employer to direct manage and achieve the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work of every employee, student/Trainee and visitor alike.

The Board of Management believes that each employee accepts his or her legal and moral responsibilities for improving and maintaining Safety, Health and Welfare in the workplace and for behavior which does not jeopardize the individual’s personal Safety, Health and Welfare or that of others.

This policy shall be reviewed annually or more frequently if necessary in the light of experience changes in legal requirements and operational changes. In that process tasks will include identifying hazards carrying out risk assessments deciding on precautions needed recording findings and names responsible and updating of policy to reflect the outcome of these tasks.