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Effective companies are determined to distribute quality - from the way they operate,This is a strategic image for incessant revolution to progress brand equity and image and ensure you are improved and equipped to win new opportunities in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.

Chennai Power and Desalination Training Institute has skilled team to make sure your Quality management system is comfortably established and monitored .

Our auditors have extensive knowledge of quality management system of all type of industry sectors, local regulations, markets and enables the customer to provide solutions adapted to your needs.

Key steps in our assessment process are:

To define the scope of certification

  • Pre-audit (optional): Gap analysis and analysis of your current position against standard.
  • Certification audit performed in 2 stages :
    Stage 1. Readiness review performed to verify that the organization is ready for certification
    Stage 2. Evaluation of implementation, including the effectiveness, of the management system of the organization
  • Surveillance audits to confirm that the management system continues to fulfill the requirements of the standard and monitor the continual improvement. (once in six month or as requested by the customer)