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1. Chennai Power and Desalination Training Institute is committed to the promotion of equality of opportunity and good relations between persons of different racial groups, and rejects discrimination on racial grounds (caste, color, creed, race, nationality or ethnic or national origins). It also rejects discrimination on other invidious grounds disability) as incompatible with the purposes of the Institute, through its policies and practice, seeks to promote equality of opportunity to every participant.

2. It also has a wider and deeper commitment to be an institution in which knowledge and learning are pursued in a spirit of collaboration and full mutual respect in a humane and fair environment and there is genuine equality of opportunity in relation to its employed staff.

3. In deciding selection of a Trainee, the Institute considers only the scholarly ability and not any other criterion to be relevant to the particular category of Studentship. In considering applications for the employment of staff, conditions of employment and all other decisions relating to the employment of an individual, the Institute has regard solely to the individual merits of applicants and employees assessed by criteria relevant to the duties of the post.

4. The Institute’s regulations and its terms of employment forbid all forms of harassment and victimization and make specific provision for receiving complaints and for following them up either by conciliation and other informal means or where appropriate by disciplinary proceedings.

5. The duties of the Principal and Administrator include To assess the impact of the Institute’s policies, including its racial, gender and disability equality policies on Trainees and staff and where applicable other Visiting Faculty or public visiting the Institute to lead on the development of the Institute’s racial disability and gender equality schemes to monitor (by reference to racial groups, disability and gender) in so far as it is practicable without compromising the individual’s right to privacy in a small organization, the recruitment and of Trainees, Visiting Faculty and the recruitment and career progress of staff and To report annually on these matters to the General Purposes Committee, which will report on these matters to the Governing Body?

6. This statement on racial and other equality policies is published on the Institute’s website and is notified to Trainees and to staff. The same arrangements will apply to the results of the annual assessment and monitoring which will be published on the Institute’s website.